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Berets & Tams 
The beret is a simple brimless hat. Can be made in traditional tartan, funky tapestries, wools or fabric of your choice can be worn pulled to one side or down over your ears for warmth.
Captains Hat
Captain's Cap 
This cap is so versatile that it can be the perfect top for a night on the town - but the same hat can be worn working in the woods. The unisex style is so flattering that you may want to buy two so your friend won't have to borrow yours.
This all-season hat can be worn in a variety of ways for a unique look; or it can be pulled down over the ears to protect from the elements. The cloche is usually made in tapestry and velvet.
Flapper Hat
Flapper Hat 
Barbara has given these classic little hats her own flare by making them from unique and beautiful tapestry fabrics.
Jester Hat
Jester Hat 
The jester hat is a three pointed, three coloured velvet hat, the points are wired.
Mod Hat
Summer Mod Hat 
The summer mod hat is a fashionable cap, Jonh Lennon style. Available in denim, linen, and cotton.
My Fair Lady Hats
My Fair Lady 
Barbara is well known for her original designs and is often asked to help out with theatre productions and films. These stunning black and whites showcase her talent and flexibility at its best.
Pillbox Hat
Pillbox / African-style Hats 
hese hats can be made from virtually any fabric for men or women. Try wearing it tilted to the side or jauntily on the back of your head for a more stylish occasion.
Red Hats
Red Hat Society 
The Red Hat Society is the perfect group to embrace Barbaras' funky styled hats. Ranging from elegant to pure wild, these are more than just hats - they are masterpieces.
Sun Hats
Sun Hats 
This is a pretty and stylish hat which, depending on the fabric you choose, can be worn at any time of year.
Wedding Hats
Wedding Hats